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What is Hey Pixels?

Hey Pixels is a lab for experimentation and critical thinking about web3 related technology. It’s founded on the principle that participants travel to the future and helps artists explore and engage with this space.

Who is Hey Pixels?

Hey Pixels is founded by Tim Webster is an artist who works with technology (in product) and is interested in how individuals and cultural organisations can find financially sustainable operating models.

Why does Hey Pixels exist?

Part of the challenge for artists looking to explore blockchain related technology is that it can feel so new and overwhelming. It's reasonable to wait and see where it goes, to wait for simpler tools or greater acceptance, but by the time that happens, the next thing has arrived.

Struggling to make sense of technology, to make a mess with it, is part of being technologically literate. Knowing just enough to critically engage and interrogate Web3 will shape it as much as it will shape us.

While Web3 trends are often global, Hey Pixels is focused on discourse in Australia. It exists to help people learn ‘just enough’ to enable its community of participants to travel to the future.

Upcoming projects

Crafting Crypto Reader

Hey Pixels is collaborating with Common Edge on a web3 reader that is specifically for the cultural sector. As well as providing a familiar entry point for many, it aims to present critical questions about how this tech is being used now and how it might be used in the future.

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